Friday, October 07, 2005

Live a Quiet Life

"Make it your aim to live a quiet life, mind your own business, working with your hands." I Thes. 4:11

My goal for the new life I'm shaping by not working - rather - by not being employed to work on priorities of others instead of my own.

There's a freedom in knowing that if you just keep going, eventually you will get to the end. Of the task. Of the pile. Of the plowed field. Of the road. The last dish. The last clean socks paired and put away.

Along the journey, since I've begun following my own to-do list, I've made space by unloading some baggage. Gifts to Sally Ann and Citidump. Hand-me-downs to appreciative friends. Donations to shelter and camp.

It was a treasure trove. I found the preschool and ECS class photos I'd given up for lost. The grade one report card. The original large birth certificate for my only son. Years of love wrapped up in misspelled mother's day cards. Priceless items buried under mounds of "I thought it was important at the time" and "I'll sort through that tomorrow."

Who'da thunk that insomnia could have such side effects? Trade sleeplessness for decluttering and voila! I'm memories richers and boxes lighter.

Thanks to S for sharing her blog and giving me a place to vent, rant and politely pontificate.


  1. :) Love the verse. Welcome "here".

  2. What wisdom! Like a breath of fresh air! Thanks for sharing!