Thursday, April 27, 2006

I was trying to sleep, honest!

But old habits are hard to break.

The distant sound of screaming coyotes disturbed my attempts to get 7 hours. Then my mind began to think of all the things I need to do Thursday.

Done. Wide awake.

Things on my mind:
1. A's 3rd term report card. (See Anger Management and this blog entry)
2. Taxes (Due to be filed May 1 - yippee! a weekend reprieve!)
3. The voice lesson I had tonight
4. Depression comes when I don't do what I know is right
5. Discipline brings freedom (so does shedding 72 pounds)
6. Singing at the A2 conference Friday
7. Creative Memories weekend retreat
8. A skiing Sunshine on Sunday
9. B attending Flames game Saturday

Not such a quiet life after all. I think I shall have to follow Elisabeth Elliot's advice and just "Do the next thing."

I'm going to bed. Better late than never.

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