Saturday, April 29, 2006

Power Broker

He seems cavalier
Perhaps even jaded
Not really wanting to be there
Impatient with our slip ups
The personification of
Why Perfectionism Kills

Was he ordered
Is he needing a change
so long in the same job
I would

not intentionally
but really
the power broker
behind the artists' desire
the perceived key to the kingdom
of Audience
of Artistry
of Awe

I can't do what I love
any better
in any other place
but here
I can't do what I love
as often as I like
others want a turn, too

and people tire of people
in the same place
doing the same thing
so often

Thank you Lord
that you never tire
of hearing your children's voices
that you tell me to
come boldly
whenever I need


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