Monday, May 29, 2006

YC 2006: Tell the World

The YC conference in Edmonton was good - A had a ball. Our ears are exploding. What IS it about bands cranking up the volume (with all the data about hearing loss?)

I am amazed at the affluence of kids. I sold YC product and worked at tables for TFK, Barlow Girl and Pillar. There were so many kids that were just looking for anything to spend their money on. Yet God's purposes will be accomplished.

Miles McPherson has quite a way of getting the entire arena memorizing the basic concepts and shouting them back. He walked the kids through Romans Road to salvation, a basic prayer routine, how to share their faith in relevant ways and many other things. He spoke nearly an hour each time and kept their attention. He sold his books for cost or less because he just wanted to make sure the books would be read.

Main stage bands included Audio Adrenaline, Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK), Newsboys, Tree63, Hawk Nelson and Chris Tomlin. Chris had to perform right after the crowd found out the Oilers had won the Western Conference Championship and were going to the Stanley Cup. He still brought them all into a wonderful worship experience and expressed genuine marvel at how responsive the group was - he seemed surprised and overwhelmed by the experience.

For me the best thing about the weekend was seeing how a hockey friendship has brought A's unchurched buddy to know Christ and grow through youth group, retreats, and this conference. It makes all our investment of time and money in minor hockey worth every moment and every penny.


  1. thanks for sharing about YC - wasn't there this year, but I'm enjoying reading blog entries ...

    Peace ...


  2. I was at YC this year, and it was so great to read your blog and hear your thoughts about it. Thanks for sharing...

  3. It definately was an absolutely amazing weekend! Worshipping with 16,000 young people rocks...literally! Thanks for your comments, I agree whole heartedly.
    I know exactly what you mean about watching A's friend too...been there!
    ...and renewing an"old" friendship was also a highlight for me! Have a wonderful God day everyone!