Thursday, June 22, 2006

Confession is good for the soul

I recently said these blogs have become my quiet time. I enter into worship and prayer (with tears often) through blog surfing Promptings, A Sparrow's Home and others. My own posts sometimes start with a confession and end in a prayer. This is one of those.

The end of the school year approaches. My disappointment in A's likely grades took its path in a mushrooming verbal reprimand that mirrored the tension of a life too full of details and too empty of discipline. I had not yet read Excellence vs. Perfectionism.

I was wrong. I was not helpful. He was hurt. We were both angry.

Then I retreated to the computer. The email devotional for the day was this. Anyone dare say God does not speak directly to the issues of our lives?

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  1. Joyce, thanks for this wonderful affirmation!