Saturday, June 24, 2006

It all sounded so simple at the time

New flooring. Replace the tatterred, too-light, no-longer-cleanable 11-year-old carpeting in four rooms and the builder's grade (read: cheap) nearly-worn-through vinyl in 2 baths and the laundry room. Get a one-stop-shop to install it. Do it all. Except....

"Sure we'll move the furniture and appliances ourselves....your men can take care of the baseboards and toilets." Silly, silly girl. I forgot the furniture is full of stuff, the beds have to be dismantled and there is a piano in the sitting room. Look what happens when you go off your medication for one day. (read: deep sarcasm) [1]

On the upside, the office did need a thorough going-through. My decluttering had not quite reached that space as yet and now, by necessity, it has been cleared out, as one cannot install new flooring underneath excess furniture. We are relieving ourselves of 2 extra desks and one extra (very beautiful) armoire.

And we're packing boxes. And we're sleeping in the basement. And we're paying movers to move the big stuff anyway. And company is arriving Saturday and we are leaving for vacation the day after that. I have 4 days to put it all back together, pack the trailer and book all our campsites over five states. The born optimist.

Or, as Napoleon Dynamite would say: "Idiot!"

[1] I'm not on ANY meds. Perhaps I should be....

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