Monday, July 24, 2006

Dog Update

I used to scoff at those who would spend thousands on their pets. I had no idea. It's as simple as "My dog is sick. She's in terrible pain. I can't help her. Can you?"

The brand new Animal Emergency Care facility is 5 minutes away by car. They could admit her, place her on intravenous to ensure she was getting the electrolytes and antibiotics her body needed to fight whatever was causing the acute hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.

She stayed two nights in the animal hospital. She is now home, almost back to normal. Not really drinking much yet, but loves the new dog food they sent home. Took her for a walk after the thunderstorm cooled things down. She loved being petted and stayed in my lap for a nap.

Had I not spent the money, she would likely not have survived. She is otherwise a healthy dog and brings great comfort, love and happiness to our home. Well worth every penny.

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