Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Job Hunt

I applied for a couple of jobs with the public school board. I needed to complete some testing before my applications would be considered.

Today the testing went the good-news/bad-news route. Microsoft Outlook was 93% with the two items marked incorrect only because I did not choose the most efficient way to accomplish the assigned task. That was the good news. The bad news was the bookkeeping test.

Now, remember, I've done this job before and I never felt so appreciated and lauded in my entire career. Some days you'd think they believed I could walk on water. When my bookkeeping tasks were in front of me, I did fine and figured out where most things needed to be posted without having to seek help. However, I have never had any bookkeeping training and so the hypothetical out-of-context questions today about debits and credits were more than my little brain could sort out. Okay, I got 60% correct, so I guess, with never having had any training, that's better than one might expect. I just hate not knowing.

"A" was musing today about what he'd wish for if he had three wishes. One of the things was the ability to be the best at whatever he chose to do. Sigh. Perfectionism must be in the DNA.

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