Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Busy Day

It started yesterday. Evening salad supper for women's ministry launch. Concern for friends that kept us praying past midnight. Early morning driving A to school, stop off at drug store for fresh makeup, then to church for first women's study morning. Work through lunch helping organize women's study groups, zip home to let city water workers in to troubleshoot problem with varying water pressure inside the house. Make several calls to invite friends to the hockey game tonight. Ordered special cake from Costco at hubby's request for a coworker's 25th (work) anniversary, packed A's hockey bag, picked him up early from school and took him 25 km north for practice, and when it was over, rush home to pick up B and call two of A's buddies to go to the Flames game with us (all with a dying cell phone battery because my charging cable is apparently not working properly after only 3 months of use), call another buddy of A's to get the math homework he missed because he left school early, meet up with everyone attending the game, watch game and visit with host family and their other guests in luxury box suite (how incredibly wonderful and comfy with a great view of the game). Cheer the Flames on to their second victory in as many games. Run A's two buddies home, go home, walk the dog, unpack the hockey gear and hang it up to dry, start the laundry so he has clean underarmour for tomorrow's game, get A to do the math homework and get to bed, check email, up date blog and collapse. :-)

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  1. hee hee - bit different from your last post!!!!