Saturday, September 23, 2006

Childhood Songs

I grew up in a singing family. We travelled each year to over 200 churches; singing, speaking and giving testimony to the love of Jesus. As the youngest and only girl, I had something of a unique position and they chose to allow me to sing solos from an early age.

Tonight as I wandered through islandsparrow's Alphabet of Praise, I was reflecting on several of the songs I sang in my younger years. Thanks to memory, I could recall the words taught patiently by my mother. I have posted the full text on Words of Others. Click on each song title below for direct link.

I could only find one of the three on the internet. The others may possibly have been my father's original compositions, I do not know. They were not written down, to my knowledge.

All For Jesus speaks of how we use all of our physical selves to learn of and reflect Jesus.

I Have a Great Saviour I do, don't you?

Father, We Thank Thee The naturalist and service-based worshipper would like this. A midi version of the tune is available (click link at bottom of text).

Humming down memory lane is a wonderful exercise. May your spirit be lifted.


  1. My mom remembered your family. I wish I could have heard you sing your little-girl solos!

  2. Perhaps when technology makes it easier to transfer LPs to CD or MP3 I can make that possible. :-)
    Frankly, at this point, it is a little like watching someone else's home movies.