Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Spruce Meadows

On the weekend, we were pleased to be able to attend Spruce Meadows Masters on Friday evening. Held in this world class facility, the Masters Tournament is a $2 million dollar prize weekend for serious equestrians which draws over 50,000 visitors daily. We were guests of a company with whom B does business. It was a lovely evening, perfect weather, reserved parking, beautiful grounds, great seats, competitive show jumping, great food and enjoyable company.

We attended again on Sunday with B's neice and hubby who are new to the city. We felt any new resident should have the benefit of seeing what Spruce Meadows was all about. With record high attendance, the late arrival on Sunday did not provide the best vantage point for watching the competition, so we wandered about the grounds, checking out the international pavillions and their unique cultural entertainment, the Marketplace, Equi-Fair, the horse barns, the Rembrandt exhibit and sampling food from many different countries.

A delightful weekend.


  1. Gorgeous picture! It's nice to be able to capture that moment in the air, isn't it?

  2. It took a few tries, as my digital camera is not instantaneously responsive...