Monday, October 30, 2006


(otherwise known as AGSB) was out skiing last night. Yes. You read that right.

Our first major snow of the season, 5 cm was predicted but more fell. The cold temps made sure it stayed. AGSB's friend had already constructed rails and prepped the backyard for a ramp / jump off the deck and steps. The snow was the last necessary ingredient.

As AGSB was donning his winter gear, the friend (a member of the local Freestyle Ski Club) rang the doorbell. I answered and was greeted with the sight of the friend in full ski equipment (granted, it was the freestyle set he used for water landings when practicing in the off season).

This all sounds very foreign to me, having grown up where it rarely snows and never stayed. I say whatever gets the energy out is a good thing, though today with minus 21c wind chill, perhaps I'll suggest a workout at the Y.

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