Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Word Association

I have voluntarily tagged myself for this word association meme from islandsparrow's site. Here are the rules - she has given us four words and I am to write what those words mean to me. Then I get to tag four more people with words of my own choosing...OK - here is what comes to mind when I think of the following words:

solace - by definition, what I find when I find my quiet place. But more practically, this is the title of Steve Bell's double CD project which blessed my socks off. It's not about dying, it's about living through suffering, weakness and death with God ever present with you. Knowing I am in God's arms, in God's care, in God's company - that is truly my quiet place... my solace.

ripple - what a rock makes in the pond, and also how I impact others. The idea that what I am doing right now this moment may be a ripple that touches another who will then touch someone else and they another and so on and so on.... I want to live in total awareness of my ripple effect...

hush - Could be harsh and clipped (shut up) or nurturing (shh, hush my baby, sing sweet lullaby). Or better yet: "Be still and know that I am God."

giggle - the most innocent and delightedly pure expression of amusement. It recalls little girls with bright eyes, dimples and curly red hair.

These four words together describe my ideal afternoon - finding solace beside a pond, listening to the hush, skipping stones to make ripples as I giggle with delight at the result... and sharing it with a friend.

My words for you, if you choose to be tagged -






  1. Beautifully worded Joyce - thanks for playing!

    Steve Bell was just here on the Island.

  2. thank you for the words! :-)

    Steve is the one artist my 13 year old and I equally enjoy.