Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Can you imagine? A field trip on the ocean in the Edgewater Fortune?

This West Coast school trip for grade nine students has captivated my son. Forty-two students and four adult supervisors sign on as crew aboard the M.V. Edgewater Fortune, a former minesweeper chartered by the school for five days. They will be ordinary seamen and ship officers aboard the vessel as they navigate the Gulf and San Juan Islands off the West coast of British Columbia and northern Washington State. On board, he will learn basic seamanship, marine biology (observing whales, seals and more), tidal studies, marine navigation and general marine knowledge. On shore, he'll be involved in plankton hauls, tide pool and beach studies... and more.

He will have weekly prep meetings for 4 months, including extra academic studies related to the trip. He will develop skills in planning, organizing and following through, promoting group dynamics and leadership qualities.

A great learning experience and powerful motivation for keeping up with his coursework! Just the thing to finish out the school year once hockey and skiing have finished for the season!

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