Sunday, December 10, 2006

And if you're wondering where I've been...

I've been in rehearsals and performances for this year's church Christmas production - and do I ever mean Production!!!! "I'll Be Home for Christmas" - Around 120 onstage, including actors, soloists, trios, ensembles, chorus, dancers, orchestra (big band), and over 40 technical and behind-the-scenes personnel. We were delighted to have over 80 guests from our "circle of influence" who attended the production along with nearly 7,000 others over the 5-night run. A tender, funny and challenging look at faith in 1940s war time. I was one of a trio - the Quackenbush sisters (along the lines of Andrews' sisters), singing two songs, including "I'm Wishin' You a Merry Christmas" and the Maxwell House jingle - "Good to the very last drop...." This was not your father's Christmas cantata!

I'm on the left in the RCAF jacket. The singer on the right shares my birthday, 10 years my junior, and shares names with the center singer. Now we share a lifelong memory of being singing WACS.

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  1. Aren't you cute! Looks and sounds like fun. We just did our Christmas production too this past weekend. I wouldn't have missed being in it for anything!