Thursday, December 28, 2006

On the Road Again

For the first time, I have taken the bus along with the hockey team. We are in small town Saskatchewan getting ready to play in a tournament for the next three days. It wraps up on New Year's Eve and we hope to be home no later than 10 pm, so we can still see the new year in at home and drop off to sleep shortly thereafter.

About half the parents rode the bus along with all the players. The coaches/managers chose to place the boys and coaches in a different hotel and it's a different experience for me as a parent being forced to let go. The only battle is in my heart.

The parents had a meal together once we arrived and then migrated to the team manager's suite for visiting. I'm on my own and not quite sure what to do with myself. My son is 'tucked in' with the team at the Super 8 across the road, so all I can do now is pray for him and release him to God.

He's having a ball of course... already played the first practical joke of the trip by allegedly snitching all the towels from the other players' rooms. Somehow I think he'll make out just fine.

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