Monday, February 19, 2007

A Good Question

When I haven't blogged in a while, I always read two blogs. Both are writers. Both are friends. In certain (but different) ways, I want to be more like both of them.

S makes me laugh, cry and think with her greatly entertaining stories about the antics of her dog, the wisdom of her children and the journey of releasing excess baggage. She reminds me of why it's possible to get up tomorrow and make better food choices than I did today; releasing me from the urge to beat my breast and cry "mea culpa." In fact, you could re-read that statement, taking "food" out and it would still be accurate.

V has beautiful pictures and satisfying, contemplative writings that often stir my soul. One post asked, and so I answer:

1) Who are your heroes, and why?

Elisabeth Elliot. What she says resonates with me. It speaks truth into my life. It motivates change. She has lived a life of sacrifice and integrity. She challenges women to do the same. She is not a super-hero and does not hide behind masks. She is genuine, practical, humble and Godly.

My mom. Gone for over a decade, the person with whom I would most like to talk most days. The best example of work ethic and unconditional love I have ever known. Made the best cinnamon buns ever.

My son. He rescues me from mundanity. The personification of why recreation, while God-originated, is a necessary and rewarding gift for us all to give ourselves.

2) Practically speaking, what does imitating Christ look like for you, the twenty-first-century believer?

Failure. Imitation is not a virtue. (Okay, that's my first reaction, but remember what kind of a couple of days I've just had - see above).

Surrender. Hand over the reigns. Give him the PDA (with the stylus), check the emotional baggage, assign him my rights, de-list my good intentions, give him power of attorney. Let him program the GPS of my life. Let him fill. Let him satisfy. Follow his lead. Let me look at him, copy his steps, parallel his movement, mouth his words. I'm not there yet. A work in progress.

Let my eyes be open to seeing him in others on the same path.

Like S and V.

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