Thursday, February 22, 2007

A little quieter

The season is over. Except for practices, parties and a year-end tournament, the games are all behind us.

Since Dec. 10, the team only lost twice in regular season play - their record since Dec. 10: 11-2-1. Then came playoffs. A squeaker loss 2-1 in second round of playoffs Sunday against the team we edged out for 4th place. Tonight we were defeated 7-5 by a team to whom we did not lose all season. AGB was in net only for the second half of tonights game, allowing only 2 goals.

It's been a good year. There is a great deal of satisfaction in seeing that grit, determination and staying power secured a final standing in 4th place. That is a better reward than just getting the adrenalin going for playoffs and pulling off a skin of the teeth victory!

Sure we would rather win playoffs. But I don't mind the break. Those young men did great. I thoroughly enjoyed being hockey mom this year.

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