Monday, March 26, 2007

Art Lessons

Ever wake up and realize that life isn’t looking like the picture you had in your mind for your life? It comes as a bit of a surprise, because you really didn’t know that you even had a Perfect Life Picture until you were surprised by disappointment. Then you head off to discover why it is you were disappointed with something that really wasn’t all that bad, it was just different.

Finally, left with a gnawing anxiety in the pit of your stomach, you realize that you were really quite fond of your Perfect Life Picture. Slowly, depression sets in as you recognize that your reality is never going to match The Picture.

In this way, life can be something like a paint-by-number picture. (Do you remember those?) Each relationship or significant event has an assigned color number. Trouble is, you’re not the only one painting on the picture. Someone goofs and paints outside the lines and you try to fix it and it gets smudged and then you think perhaps you should go try to take art classes but the others who are painting on your picture don’t want to take art classes with you and tell you to stop being a perfectionist.

Perhaps the analogy would be better using a canvas and oils. Colors mix, everyone applies theirs liberally or sparingly as they desire and you begin to realize that nothing is black and white. So many shades of gray. But really, isn’t life rather more like a kaleidoscope? Trouble is, too many colors mixing together make a rather disgusting shade of brown.

So, you take your own color and make the best you can out of the reality you live. Set goals, apply discipline, accomplish things, build relationships. Try to change the world one little task at a time.

Move from disappointment to acceptance and color your world with hopes and dreams.... or, take hands off and watch as God paints the new reality….

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  1. Excellent art lesson, Joyce. I'm sure someday you'll see beautiful things in that painting you never knew were there!