Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Day in the Life

Shopping at the garden center, strolling the aisles of perennials and annuals, hunting for the perfect mix, glad I got an early start* instead of waiting to get leftovers at half price, I realized that I don't want to give up gardening just yet.

Last week there was some talk from Management Material Man about how it would be nice to live in a no-maintenance condo. I'm thinking "over 50 no kids" villas with double garages and no visitor parking. How boring is that?

Sure, gardening takes a little dirt under the fingernails a couple times a year, and there aren't many weeds - they don't have a chance because of the landscape fabric and birch bark cover. We've cleared away the yarrow** and most other invasive, predatory plants, so it's basically plant and enjoy.

There is something incredibly satisfying about being surrounded by growth. Perhaps it is the beneficial effects of all the oxygen being released by the plants. Perhaps that's why garden centers sell so much - it's a giddy euphoria.

Perhaps I'll start a gardening blog... I have to go now and read "Gardening in a Northern Climate for Dummies with Absolutely No Free Time."

I wonder if I could dig in the dark?

*Victoria Day weekend is the earliest you can safely plant your annuals in Zone 3/4 without fear of frost.

**Yarrow - for crying out loud, since when are weeds considered perennials you'd pay money to plant in your garden? Ack! After the roots bent the roto tiller, I dug them all out by hand and I had no topsoil left. Had to take it all.

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