Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day, May 12, 1996

With closed eyes and open hands, she casually tossed 81 years of blessings and burdens toward heaven, declaring with abandon the theme of her life: "Just give them all to Jesus! Give them all to Jesus."

Eva Nickel
June 23, 1915 - May 12, 1996

advocate, ally, angel, apologist, backbone, backer, benefactor, champion, cohort, comforter, defender, discipler, endorser, espouser, expounder, fan, fulcrum, mainstay, maintainer, mentor, pillar, preserver, seconder, sponsor, stalwart, stay, supporter, sustainer, upholder, mother.

A tribute to my mother written when she was living can be viewed here. A quote from Elisabeth Elliot about her own mother sums up the way I now remember my mother.

We think of her now, loving us with an even greater love, her poor frail mortality left behind, her eyes beholding the King in His beauty.

"If you knew what God knows about death," wrote George MacDonald, "you would clap your listless hands."

I can only imagine!


  1. Thanks, sis. Love you.

  2. you look like her!

  3. Very sweet! Thanks for the reminder.