Monday, June 18, 2007

< 6° of Separation

I have found facebook.

Oh, I knew about it, I just didn't ever check it out. Until one fateful day this week.

I don't plan on abandoning my blog. facebook is way too weird for carrying on a conversation. I'm thinking it's a fad. And my Oliver Stone side wonders if somewhere in cyberspace, someone is keeping census stats of all the info we voluntarily feed into the "community" that provides the easiest photo uploads I've found yet! There is something a little dangerous about other people having the ability to post pictures of me and tell the world they are there.And my parent tapes playing in my head are saying this is just another way to creatively waste my time when I should be sleeping.

I do, however, get a kick out of the idea that I found a friend on facebook (who lives in Pakistan) via Dan whom I found via Dan's father-in-law who is a friend of my in-laws. I started the whole process by uploading my contact emails from Outlook and searching for those that were already on facebook. Kinda puts a few shortcuts into those six degrees of separation.

My son hasn't yet confirmed my request to add me as a friend. I think I'll poke him every day until he does.

If you 'd like to check out my photos, click here. You may have to register as a facebook user but it's relatively painless.

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