Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Game, Another Loss

Well, we seemed doomed to our current lot of being "The Team that Never Wins." It was freezing cold tonight, a little drizzle when we started and we had a double header with the team that has all 20-something male power hitters. They have the obligatory three females, but they don't really need them.

Our best (and only) pitcher wrecked his leg cycling to work - tore his MCL - and is out for the season. Our backup pitched tonight, but is not yet as accurate and had a number of walks. The good news is that our outfielders have incredible arms - they can get it to second base easy from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there.

I had a hit, a great short fly into shallow centre field. It's the "magic bat" - the one our Easton rep brought that is a demo of next year's model - not yet in general production. It's very "hot" he says (as in, it really gives you distance when you make contact with the ball). I have gotten a hit with it every time I've been up to bat since he brought it to the tourney.

Now if only I could accurately pitch....

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