Monday, August 06, 2007

Busy Weekend

I was doing this today. Fortunately, I didn't bring a cat, and I managed to hold on.

It was a gorgeous day and a fitting end to a wild weekend. Friday we prepped to go to the lake, Saturday we picked up the trailer from the storage yard, packed up, drove 1.5 hours, hooked up to services, and then since it was gloomy and rainy, opted not to stay at the lake but instead hopped in the car and zipped to Edmonton - another 1.5 hours away.

We had a lovely visit with Brent's parents - his mom had been cooking since we said we might come and had a full dinner plus fresh buns and lemon merengue pie waiting for us. We spent the night - though it was hot and that made us a little bit restless for sleeping, it was still a good time over all.

By noon on Sunday we headed back to the lake. The weather was nice at first - Brent and Andrew went sailing with Jenni and Rick, I took a long walk with April and Julie (and the lovely dog, Bernadette). Then three younger friends of theirs came for supper and we all enjoyed fireworks over the lake at dusk. We watched a movie and then hit the sack - and slept very well.

Today was the stat holiday. We slept in, then headed out to a different lake where one of Brent's coworkers has a cottage and a boat. We visited and boated and tubed (see pic above), then grabbed supper in town and finished it all off with Big Moo ice cream. A perfect summer weekend.

If only I hadn't been such a grump....

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