Monday, August 20, 2007


I'm in denial. I have been all weekend.

He was only 45. Healthy. A strong farmer, an amazing hunter, popular, all-around-nice-guy. Exactly one year ago, we were beaming in the church as he joined his heart in marriage for the first time ever -with a beautiful, hard-working, strong young woman.

And now he's gone. An apparent heart attack.

Our families have been intertwined for decades. My mother in law and his mother, friends from their school days. My husband and he? Great buddies since birth. Their family wrapped their arms around us in our grief when we lost my sister-in-law. Each set of parents spend time as snowbirds together in Arizona.

He leaves behind so many that will be devastated and miss him terribly.

A life well lived. A man who loved God.

Perhaps God missed him terribly too.

See The Gardener's Boquet for more thoughts on giving perspective to our loss.

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  1. You have comments turned off over there - that's a really good poem, Joyce. You are so good at that traditional sort of metrical, rhymed poetry - I'm a bit envious :)