Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Listening Through the Storm, Trusting in the Dark

This entire post is a quote from another blog that addresses the deep sadness of my soul tonight:

"The Bible tells us that we are God's masterpieces (poiema in Greek);
not only creatures, but his creations, his poems (Ephesians 2:10).
We are living epistles (2 Corinthians 3:3).
And so, our lives are meant to be listened to,
because it is God who is speaking into and out of and through the symphony of the years,
and the masterpiece of a lifetime."

~Michael Card

Lord? This life? A poem? A masterpiece? Dare I say: the beat feels off, the rhyme not quite. I shall just be out with it (You'll understand, yes?): this life haiku reads more like a disjointed limmerick.

I know, yes, I know. You are the faithful poet, the persevering sculptor. But hear me on this, Abba. Sometimes I listen to this life--to me--and, well, Lord? All is grating, wearying, cacaphony. Yes, You know this too, yes.

But then, just for a moment, there it is: A flash. A strain. You. You speaking through this life. This life, unbelievably, too.

Father? Sometimes, I confess (You already know, yes?), I doubt whether this place, this corner of the web, is where I should scratch out this listening to You, this listening to this life. Other poems read... of You, more clearly, more distinctly. This letter I am living has messy, scratched out lines; inky, blotted out words; thin, worn spots. This web place catches but fragments of the letter. You know the other parts, creased and wrinkled.

And, funny, You just keep smoothing out the paper, writing more, turning the story so. Redeeming.

This life may be quite the piece. But, it is true, You are quite the Master. The Master greater than the piece, with its broken shards.

Yes, Father? Alright, I will take up the shell and listen. To this day. To this life. To You.

It sounds like the ocean rolling in, like a symphony thundering, lifting, transporting.

Is that what Grace sounds like?

Quoted from "The Holy Experience of Listening" - by Ann

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  1. This is a great comfort as my non-christian dad was expected to go into hospital for his throat cancer biopsy. The results are that the cancer has been eliminated!! PTL! Thank you for your prayers Joyce. It means more than you know.
    A distant sister-in-Christ.