Monday, October 15, 2007

Exhibition Game #3

BackerBoy was in net for the whole game tonight. We won, 4-2. The first goal was a questionable deflection off a high stick, the second was a total screen, both were during 5 on 3 penalty kills.

Things I saw that were great:
  • players exhibiting leadership
  • great passing
  • standing up for the goalie
  • speed
  • players looking out for each other
  • peacemakers
It's likely the team we've beaten twice now will be in Div 2 while we continue in Div 1. Our larger challenges are yet to come.

A game tonight. A tournament on the weekend.

Oh, you should have seen the handsome young man who drove me home in his new dress clothes. I had dragged him this afternoon to the nicest men's store in town, convinced that the manager who'd helped my hubby add to his wardrobe would be able to find a shirt and slacks for a very particular 14 year old who doesn't want his clothes to "look like my dad's."

What a trip! The first two items he pulled off the rack we bought - not because BackerBoy tried nothing else, he did - a whole bunch of things. But the manager knew. He picked the right stuff the first time and even though my son tried on several other things, the first pick was the best. Oh, and to the slacks and shirt we added a belt, a jacket and dress shoes. A hefty price tag, but oh, you should have seen the handsome young man who drove me home....

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