Thursday, January 17, 2008

And Small Miracles

My son is often the subject of this blog - of course - he is an only child and the focus of much of my time and energy. Two brief events recently revealed a side of him that I must share.

As I was expressing some frustration, his caution: "Mom, you're really upset right now. Just be careful not to say something you will regret later."

When inviting him via text message to go with me to select the flooring for his new room, his deferral: "I think u know better than I do about all this. It's just carpet and I know u know what looks good."

I enjoy his delight in finally receiving something he's been waiting for - today it was a special flak jacket to use in skiing - who knew these things existed?

Independence on his part has ilicited various feelings. My moods run the gamut from rejection to relief and I am once again assured that one purpose of having children is to shape my character and give me ample opportunity to practice faith, hope and love.

Most of all, love. Very much love.

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  1. Oh, how true! My son is also wise enough to say:"Mom, I think this is one of those days you need a nap!" His subtle way of saying "you're getting cranky!" Also, why do they think they're the only ones with the gift of discernment(of hypocrisy, that is)?Nevertheless, it does force one to analyze one's self and recognize the need for change(with God's help of course). Thanks for the encouragement again Joyce!