Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're All In Our Places With Bright Shining ... Cellphones?

I upgraded my equipment with a prominent cellular provider. It is the phone my son uses. I left them due to lack of customer care but they are the only ones who cover my son's favorite ski hill, so I have left his phone on their network.

It was two weeks old and the display screen quit working. No visible damage.

Simple. Has to be under warranty.


Not the screen.


I'm locked into a three year contract. WITH NO PHONE. The company says they aren't responsible for manufacturer's equipment and they'd send it back to the repair center but they wouldn't replace it and they wouldn't release me from the contract (cancellation penalty would have totalled over $500). They'd be happy to sell me a replacement phone. No thanks!

Had the store send it back for repair.

No one called.

Eight weeks went by. EIGHT WEEKS.

Five phone calls, four visits to the store, no one could tell me anything about the status. I won't bore you with the excuses I heard. Bottom line? No one cared.

Finally, being extra courteous (I'd never been rude in the whole process - angry? yes, but not rude), I got the manager's cell phone number from a clerk.

He was initially hard to reach but eventually met with me at the store, called "Customer Retention" department and ultimately I will have a new phone. I think the manager made a significant exception in my case - the corporation charged for the "new" phone but he reimbursed my account for the full amount. I even got my old phone back (unrepaired). Maybe I'll need it for parts?

I'm from Missouri. You've gotta show me. I'll let you know if the new phone really does arrive.

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