Sunday, March 23, 2008


I recently set up igoogle as my home page. You can customize content and I chose, as one element, National Geographic pictures.  I also chose biblical art.  The pictures and art thumbnails change daily.

Professional photos like those contained in LIFE or National Geographic boggle my mind. I would so love to be able to do more artistic photography. I paused wistfully in Future Shop's weekly email to view the latest digital SLR camera on sale. Knowing I'm in the midst of Deciding What to Eliminate from my Calendar, I dismissed the dreaming and moved on with "I don't have time to learn new technology." I also wanted a new TV but with all the choices out there, I dismissed it with a similar thought.

Along this line, I recently viewed a great talk by Barry Schwarz on youtube. It had to do with The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less.

With all the choices in the world, we should be happier, right? Barry disagrees and gives ample reason as to why.  

If you seem to live with constant disappointment, I believe it would be well worth your time to take 20 minutes to hear him out. Get a coffee then click on the link above.

My choice?  Going to bed now.  Our hockey team is undefeated so far in their Easter tournament.  My self control regarding food and drink is quite defeated.  Time to eliminate overeating from my calendar.

Thanks for listening.

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