Friday, April 18, 2008


I've mislaid the charging cord for my camera battery. Since I measure the importance of events current in my life and decide they don't need to be remembered, I haven't taken the time to find the cord in the not-yet-unpacked piles in my office. Not that I had any extra time to search for something I only mislaid because I was too busy to put it away properly in the first place. But then that's another problem - I don't have A Place For the Camera Cord in my new house yet. In past days I would just say chuckitall and go buy a new cord. But I've been too busy for that too.

It snowed last week. It measured 25 cm deep on the patio (approximately 10 inches).
I took a picture with my computer.

It snowed today.
It's still snowing.
It's beautiful.
I would like to take a picture.
I feel like my arm is cut off.

It will be an amazing powder day for skiing tomorrow.
But I'm not going.

I have to find my camera cord.

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