Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Forum

I belong to a forum where writers critique each other's work. Primarily poetry, all of us have shared spiritual values. One of the members was the poet laureate of this organization and has published several books, many articles and more. Since I'm just starting out, I left her "room" to near the last (each of us post our work in our own section of the forum called our "room").

It's like ascending Lincoln's memorial, up many steps to view the greatness of her massive body of expert work.

Then I see etched in the feathery veins of the smooth wall "your reader is your creative partner" and I think, maybe, perhaps, I can just dance a few steps around the marble chair and ask, poke, circle with my crayon those things I need to echo more clearly in my own chamber... and I leave, awed, respectful, wiser.

Another has said "hang out with the kind of people you want to become" so I think I may be in the right place.

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