Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Health walk

I went to a Naturopath today. It was interesting. She was very level headed, solid advice, good assessment. I'm able to get B12 shots from her without having to pay the premium price at the former "medically supervised" weight loss program I was on in 2006. Adding only one pound per month means I am now terribly uncomfortable and some of the mood swings and irritability have returned. She was very encouraging that with a bit of tweaking in the choice of foods, this can be more effectively managed without going on an extreme program

And that's what I need. Balance. Not extremes. For 30 days I'm off wheat, sugar and milk. I'm taking iron, probiotics, multivitamin and one more natural supplement I can't remember. Then we'll tweak again.

She also thinks I have some disconnect between the intellect and emotion. Hmmm. We're working on some physical things but I think the process may help everything - a holistic approach, yes?

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