Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend Wedding

My nephew is getting married. Which one, you ask - good question since I have 11. This is the youngest son of my fifth brother's first marriage. Lovely young man - handsome, caring, amiable, with a heart after God.

The wedding is in Nashville. No non-stop flights. Our first leg was fine, watch a great move (The Bucket List - I laughed, I cried- you need to see this one!) the second flight not so nice. We had a long layover in Chicago so we waitlisted on the earlier flight. The flights were all delayed because of weather (thunderstorms, lightning).

We boarded at the revised time (2hrs15min late) pushed back, circled the taxiways, then just as we were ready to take off, the ATC said backoff and we parked on the tarmac for 2.5 hours. Well, we did go back to the gate to refuel, then the ATC wouldn't release the plane because of weather. We were a captive audience. The lavatory was overflowing. We queued up and were #1 for takeoff and then the bad news came again: you can't take off because the storm has changed position. We were to leave at 2 pm, we lifted off finally at 6:38 after being on the tarmac 2.5 hours.

We missed the rehearsal dinner but happened across the groom at Steak n Shake when we went for supper at 10:30 pm. I'm thrilled to be here.

* * * * *

Update: I wrote a poem about the experience of sitting on the tarmac in Chicago. It's one of my favorite poems so far. You can read it here.

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