Friday, June 06, 2008

Prayer and Petulance

I've been spending so much time writing poetry that I don't spend a lot of time here these days. In addition, I've had major surgery this week. Recovery is swift, thanks to much prayer and time to rest. There was no anxiety, thanks again to much prayer and sincere encouragement from friends.

Nursing care during the 24 hour hospital stay varied greatly from shift to shift, my favorite and best caregivers were the ones on the graveyard shift. A faulty reading from the blood-oxygen-level monitor meant I got to have oxygen for much longer than most - something I didn't mind at all, except the monitor alarm kept going off every time I'd almost drift to sleep.  I didn't sleep until they replaced the monitor and then the working one showed my oxygen levels at a constant 96 or so all night long. I slept much better without an alarm sounding every few minutes.

My bed space was small and not too private - more hospital beds fit into a space where you only have 6x9' space with curtained dividers instead of walls and privacy. Of course you can handle more patients that way as we all want to hightail it home for some peace and quiet. I can't tell you how relieved I was to have the catheter and the IV removed. Although I must say, just to have those luscious warm blankets every couple of hours, surgery was almost worth that reward alone. 

It's nice to have some recouping time at home with no obligations, though I have paid some bills, cooked two suppers and cleaned up the dishes since I've been home.  Hubby brought some nice flowers home tonight and our life group leader made us lasagna and salad for dinner. Thank God for small blessings. 

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