Thursday, July 10, 2008

If I'm losing my mind, this is the journal

"Of all the things I've lost in life,
I miss my mind the most."

The week of July 1, 2008. Strange things begin happening. Perhaps scientifically documenting it will help others determine the cause of my demise after the fact.

1. Looking for my makeup. Put it on yesterday at the kitchen table. Not there. Husband doesn't know where it is. Scour the house. It is nowhere. I've obviously tucked it neatly and absentmindedly into a very safe place.

2. Driving to work. Realize I don't have my phone. Go back home to get it in spite of the fact that the detour will make me late. Search half-heartedly. Pick up home phone to dial cell phone. My boob rings. I had my phone all the time. Conveniently tucked into my bra - as is my habit. (What?! It's easy to reach there. There are worse things that can give you breast cancer faster.)

3. Informed by colleague that I'd left an event off the newsletter calendar for July 17. I always check the corporate event calendar before I print. It wasn't there. I check it again, because my colleague has never been known to have lost her mind. Still not there. The corporate calendar coordinator checks. "Yes, it's there." I look again. No event. "Wanna see?" I insist. She looks and gasps. I have 18 confirmed event listings. "There should be 21." (Okay, so this is a computer problem and not me losing my mind... small comfort.)

We're off to a flying start

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