Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Why couldn't I blog when it's the Tuesday Two?  Now I have 9 minutes to blog thirteen things.  What are the rules about that anyway?  Okay, I'll make 'em up as I go along.

1.  Thirteen is not unlucky. 
2.  My son likes sleep overs too much.  I'm glad he has friends.
3.  Camping is only fun when your parents do all the work.
4.  Note to self: bring more wine for camping this weekend.
5.  I started drinking.
6.  Water is good for you.
7.  When I eat chocolate, my emotions skid into the pit of despair within about an hour
8.  Chocolate may be the primary reason the divorce rate is so high.
9.  I have an extraordinarily forgiving husband.
10. In 22 days I will celebrate 27 years of marriage.  Celebrate.  Not just commemorate.
11. I wish I had a best friend that wanted to be around me as much as my son and his friends want to be together.
12. I love my job and hate my job.
13. Depression is a good chance to think - people leave you alone.

1 comment:

  1. Happy 27 years ahead of time!

    Sounds like your summer is ... well, if not hectic - busy. Take care.