Monday, August 11, 2008

MPs and Bunkers and Bears, Oh My!

Today was a bit of a write off. I'm quite underwhelmed by all we've done so far, though I am happy to be on vacation. I'm trying to relax and we're having a few laughs together. I still have one deadline for work and when that's done, I'll be able to focus on fun. Here's the high-low of today:

Changing of the Guard. Military summer students marching to a really good band with bears on their heads.

Parliament Buildings. They look larger on television. MPs give private tours to friends that delay all public tours for as long as the multiple photo ops last. No apologies offered.

Peace Tower. First experience with an inclined elevator. On tracks, changes 9 degrees.

Diefenbunker. Private agency running it should review their hiring policy for tour guides. Ten minutes into the 2 hour tour and I'm visualizing ours as a rabid chipmunk. I had reached my quota of "maximum unnecessary words my brain would absorb" so I excused myself and let the guys continue with Chip and Dale.

Montreal: Staying in a lovely corner suite with huge windows right off St. Catherine's street. The street feels so French! (as in Paris - although certain "shops" are more like Amsterdam). People in cafes outside, lots of shops, lots of activity, very diverse and multi-ethnic. Looking forward to a genuine back door experience, as our francophone friend is promising to give us a taste of how real Montrealers live - not just the tourist's view.

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