Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quebec City

We have walked. Walked the wall, walked old town, walked stairs, walked the Plains of Abraham, walked along the St. Lawrence River, walked in shops, walked around shops, walked from our hotel down to the water and back (about 2 kms) at least four times so far.

We have a room on the 20th floor of the Loews de Concorde, just outside one of the city gates, right on the restaurant/shopping boulevard.  We have an amazing view of the old city, the wall, the fort and the St. Lawrence. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.  From here we watched fireworks, a "spectacular" stage show and a multimedia projection onto the side of the grain silos beyond old town. It was nearly beyond description, but I will try to give you more detail tomorrow.

It feels very European here, except I can shop with my own Canadian money and don't have worry about any duty.  Most people will speak English when they know you don't speak French.  The other big thing is maple.  Maple trees, maple syrup, maple sugar, maple butter....

Yesterday we had crepes in a streetside terrace in the shadow of Le Chateau Frontenac with live Quebec music. Tonight we dined on a terrace in Il d'Orleans, an island in the St. Lawrence. We had a view of the bridge and Montmorency Falls.  I had Ragout. Many restaurants offer Table d'hout: appetizer, main dish, dessert and coffee for a slightly lower price than ordering individually. Tonight my dessert was blueberry sorbet on merengue.  I believe I have to quit coffee though. It is not agreeing with me. This is a tragedy.  

Oh, the food has been wonderful.  We have walked enough to walk it all off, though!

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