Sunday, August 16, 2009

Readers Speak

I'm thinking about buying the t-shirt that reads: "More people have read this t-shirt than my blog." But then I think about the few comments I have received from blog readers and realize somewhere, some time, I have actually said something that resonated with more than just my mother, who, God rest her soul, is in heaven 13 years now. And then I also thought about my one friend*, also a blogger, who reads my blog but never comments. I don't know why that is. I don't even think my friend knows, though one who receives an average of five comments on each of her blog posts can't possibly know what it feels like to not have that. And I have to pull myself back from the edge of saying it's because she's so much more entertaining than I am (which is likely true, because I like to spend more time with her than I spend alone with myself, so obviously from that you can gather than even I find her more entertaining than myself). But then I think that sounds rather whiney, and I really dislike whiners, though I'm quite proficient at it (if I'm to be totally forthcoming about the whole issue). And then I come back to the issue that started the whole thing and realize I'm just whining about not having any comments on my blog.

So give me some love people. Do me a favor and read one or two random posts (pick one from the archive) and leave a comment. If you hate it, say so. If you fall asleep, same. If you couldn't understand it, I am extremely interested in that comment (likely I didn't understand it myself). If you look at the length of my post and think "Aw, I can't be bothered," then that is excellent market research for me.

Bottom line is, I really won't get my shorts in a knot if you say something other than "Oh, I loved it!" That, as nice as it sounds, is totally unhelpful.

So, say what you will, but be truthful. "I would comment now but the house next door is burning and my siding is melting off the garage..." would be a good excuse (if it's truthful). Anything else? Well, you've been warned. The person in the house next door? Didn't comment.

* By "one" I don't mean she's my only friend, I just meant one certain blogger.


  1. hey it's an across-the-board silence - I rarely comment on ANYONE'S blog.

    And the comments I get are all in response to the frivolous posts. You don't DO frivolous.

  2. My dear sister-in-law;
    Do you know, on two occassions I posted downright pithy comments; though-provoking even... possibly profound!
    I checked over the following days for responses to said comments and I never got any, so after that I wasn't sure if it was worth posting.
    All that to say I do read you post regularly and will be happy to leave comments!
    Love, Brad

  3. Hi Joyce. If only one person reads something you post, and God uses it in his/her life, that's worthwhile.

    But it sure is nice to know people are reading and alive.

    Keep on keeping on, and my vote is "short posts are more appealing than long." I like today's length.

  4. hi there.
    i stumbled on your blog after i saw a comment you made at Steve Bell's site. i just want you to know that i too struggle on this one.
    i see that you've done a steve bell post, i've done those too. i'll be reading that next.

  5. LOL Brad. Here is my response. I LOVE it when you post. I always think about replying... and then think "Oh, I have to think about that, I'll get back to it later" and I never do.

    Thank you all for posting a comment. Joanna, thanks for that encouragement. Who was it that said "I apologize for the length of this letter, I did not have time to write a short one." Yes, I usually click away from long posts too so I should learn not to write such long ones. I'll save those for my journal. :-)

    Sue. I like frivolous. And you are far from it. But when you do, it's great.

    Shallow... thanks for stopping by. Now I feel like I should go post something more. :-)

    And to Google Analytics. You're not working. All these people stopped by and you didn't notice. Harumph. I'm finding a different traffic tracker.