Thursday, March 04, 2010

Brief Hiatus

No, that's not something for which I require surgery. I'm taking a blogging break during busy season.

I am currently engaged in delivering WorDshop (March 19-20) and a Beth Moore Simulcast (April 24) here in Calgary. In addition, my son is graduating, applying for university and competing in provincial freestyle ski events. (Remember the first gold for Canada at the Olympics? This is small potatoes, but it's the same stuff.) My husband is still suffering from sciatic pain and one of our vehicles has been in and out of the shop since Jan. 1 because someone lost control and crunched into us. So I'm doing a lot of chauffeuring, planning, phoning, emailing, and thinking. Writing about it would be boring for you, so I'll give you a break unless I really get an amazing revelation.

Feel free to check my twitter feed in the right hand column of this page, follow me here, or friend me on Facebook. It's a little easier to post 140 characters than an entire blog.

Thanks for checking in. I love that you do that. In the words of that great philosopher, Arnold, "I'll be back."


  1. I'm sorry your husband has sciatic pain. I’ve found sciatic pain is often the result of a rotated pelvis. This happens when the muscles in front of the pelvis asymmetrically pull one side of the pelvis forward. This creates unilateral spinal extension and can pinch the nerve roots composing the sciatic nerve. This is correctable with exercise but the other big problem is that movement habits are reinforcing these issues. A couple of examples of habits that may be perpetuating sciatic pain are standing or working asymmetrically putting more weight on one leg than the other. This leads to the asymmetries in the muscle tightness. Typically, sciatic pain responds relatively quickly to corrections on both fronts. I've just written a book about fixing back and sciatic pain using an approach that has been very effective over the last few years. Good luck to you both.
    Rick Olderman

  2. You are so busy! All the best in your many endeavors.

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