Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pardon My Dust

An apology to those of you who follow this blog or subscribe via RSS feed. I got into an organizational frenzy tonight, deciding to amalgamate three blogs into one. This one.

So, it is entirely possible that you may have received several dozen email updates of those blog posts which I re-published after importing from the other blogs I am deleting.

My sincere regrets that I could not turn off that feature. Or if I could have, did not take time to learn how to do so. There won't be such a flurry again. You have my word. And apparently quite a number of my words.

Delete them and relax. Thanks for still reading this far. You are a true friend indeed.


  1. Do you have a subscribe by email link I can click? Unfortunately I don't go to the RSS feed at all. I found you through Novel Matters commenting on Latanye C. Scotts post, Unplug Me.

  2. Donna, I have added the widget on the right side just above Blog Archive where you can now subscribe by email via Feedburner. Painless! Hopefully reading the blog content will be also.