Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do the Next Thing, Without Murmuring.

I work in a small church. With very nice people. Who, if they are bothered by it, do not say anything about me sneezing and blowing my nose all day long.

This too shall pass.

I am "suffering" with a very bad head cold. I have a new job. I have to deal with both. At the same time.

"Suffering" isn't the right term, considering a dear friend is undergoing radiation for a recurrence of cancer and Japan is trying to hold its head up and a parishioner's daughter just had brain surgery and somewhere a mother just buried her emaciated child.

Yet I am in physical pain. My eyes are watering, my head pounds, my lips are on fire, my throat is so raw I can't swallow without yelping. And I must respond properly. A little trial for a little while.

So I go to work and I take Tylenol and drink hot liquid. I wash my hands after every Kleenex encounter and I sneeze into my elbow and I say a prayer of thanks that those brain explosions only come about once an hour. And I can't think but I still try and I manage to do the most important things.

I know this is a little trial, but could you whisper a little prayer for me?

My own tiny piece of pain makes me realize what a huge burden my friends are facing. Lord have mercy. May I never forget.

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