Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A la Carte, July 12

My husband woke me early to connect and get a ride to work. This is a very good thing, as he and I don't have much chance for such a sweet oasis in our hectic schedules.  

On my way home I stopped for an increasingly rare latte. The stressed out woman in the minivan tailgating me into the parking lot was a study in frenetics. Driving fast, walking fast, clicking into Starbucks and taking a call on her Bluetooth headset, stepping out of line, going back to her van, returning to use the washroom. She did eventually get coffee but as hurried as she seemed, why not use the faster drive-thru? Slender, pleasant-looking but aging, aggressive, self-important, a woman whom I pity because she's alone, over-extended and can't take time to sit, relax and enjoy her coffee in peace. 

Michael Hyatt is giving away a book over at his blog. You have to (get to?) write about your dad's influence to qualify. 

Serena Woods over at Grace is for Sinners hits it out of the ballpark again with thoughts on failure, suffering and God's grace. To read, click here. 

I watched some of Piers Morgan's interview with Bill Maher last night. A sharp-tongued comedian and atheist, he spent most of the hour mocking politicians and hurling profanities, vulgarities and insults at women, Republicans, Christians and anyone else who didn't share his  world view. I pity the blind man. He appears to have the same attitude of entitlement as the suburban homeless man who bragged proudly that I should give him a handout because he wasn't like the "scummy addicts and trash hunters" who were the downtown street people. Funny, how one self-important beggar can find another to criticize. Maher's got a lot of people praying for him now.

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