Friday, September 23, 2011

Sometimes I wake up grumpy.
Sometimes I let him sleep.

Ever wake up grumpy? In a foul mood? Frustrated by the dog whining to go outside or the husband making a bit too much noise while he leaves for an extra-early breakfast meeting?

How long do you let your mood keep you "under the circumstances"?

Here's a new thought: Why not be happy?

Before you dismiss me as one of those feel-good, slap-happy, motivational speakers, please understand I've spent most of my life looking at life from "what's wrong with this picture?" So when my husband of 30 years said quietly, "You always go straight for the negative" I decided I didn't like that testimonial.

Granted there are some days when I can be physically and even emotionally despondent due to health concerns or circumstances beyond my immediate control. But this morning wasn't one of those. The dog was whining, as is her custom, and so I stumbled out of bed and down the driveway to let her take care of business. Many mornings I don't look around, but today, there was an unusual glow in the sky. I lifted my head to the most glorious sunrise I'd ever seen, then ran back inside for my iPhone to snap a quick picture. The light play on the billowing clouds just kept getting better so I grabbed my DSLR and ran to the back deck to capture higher quality images.

The dog was startled by my sudden burst of activity.

Then I had a talk with myself. How often do I miss the beauty around me by keeping my head down and wallowing in the angst that is normal in life? Even in the midst of exceptional crisis and tragedy, beauty exists to bless us, to remind us of the daily gifts from our Creator, who whispers with every sunrise, "I am (your) resurrection and (your) life." We just need to notice.

Why not be happy? Pouting is natural and reactionary. Positive is supernatural and intentional.

And it is a choice.

Practice gratitude.
Notice beauty.
Let grumpy sleep.
There, now. Isn't that better?

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