Monday, November 07, 2011

Why can't everyone just behave?

A friend said about me once, "You just want everyone to behave." She said it in jest, suggesting I want everyone to straighten up and fly right.

As if there were something wrong with that.

Why not hope for a world where all is set to rights? Where social justice is the norm? Where peace reigns and there's nothing left to protest? Where everyone treats the other with kindness, courtesy and consideration? No anger. No rudeness. No assumptions or prejudice. No judgemental attitudes. No hard labour. Work is pleasurable. Art is free-flowing. Unselfishness is the norm and generosity of spirit releases tension from every face. No one lacks food, clothing, shelter, health, love. 

No one suffers. No one dies.

This is heaven. And to hope for it? To pray "Thy kingdom come... on earth... now... as it is in heaven?"

What's wrong with that?


just maybe my friend knew I was trying to fix the world and force others to behave by my own efforts according to my own standards instead of relaxing into trust. Trust in the one who knows the end from the beginning.... who knows the plan for all these badly behaving people, myself included, and just wants me to stop trying to fix and start trying to trust. Trust that my responsibility is to simply obey what is asked of me. Thy kingdom come... on earth... in my life... as it is in heaven.

What's wrong with that? Not a thing.

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