Monday, January 09, 2012

1000 Gifts: Hold, Walk, Sit

Today's Joy Dare suggests I list a gift in my hand, a gift I walked by, a gift I sat with. I first must show you...

25. The gift I drove under this morning:

26. In my hand is the DNA of my parents. The strength and arthritis of my mother; the broad squareness, fix-it fingers and age spots of my father.

27. In my hand is the gift to massage the tension out of my son, soothe his fevered brow or write a cheque for his university tuition.

28. This morning I walked by my devoted dog. I also gave her the gift of my love as I paused to stroke her. I receive far more from this exchange than she does. I highly suspect pets are truly angels in disguise.

29. The gift I sat with yesterday was a woman who needed to talk, needed someone to pray for her.

30. The gift I sit with today is a desk piled high with work. There is much good I can do. It is a gift that I am asked to do it. It is my gift back to God to say, "Yes."

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