Thursday, January 16, 2014


Don't you really just want to post your first reaction to something?

Yeah, maybe not.

There are some very good reasons for why gratitude, maturity and self-editing are the filters through which I am learning to screen my remarks before I hit "post" on social media. I used to have really poor impulse control. But it's getting better with these filters because I saw how badly some remarks were misinterpreted or how they hurt more sensitive friends.

We can't really anticipate the emotional state of the ones who read our posts. It is devoid of body language, tone of voice or opportunity for immediate clarification.

Reflection is always preferable to reaction, aka "Think before you speak". I don't have to react. I can respond. After I've thought it through. After I've considered if this fits Phil. 4:8 (whatever is true, honorable, just, lovely, pure, of good report, etc.).

That's being response-able.

- - - - - -

Do you have a particular process or etiquette for your social media posts and responses?

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