Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Birthday to insignificant little old me

Slept in, shopped, went to lunch and a movie with my best friend, out for dinner with my family and off to the Flames game with my huggy.

It seems appropriate that I spent the evening of my 48th birthday at a hockey game. In the year that marks living more of my life in Canada than in the country of my birth, I stood on my birthday, held my hand over my heart for the "Star Spangled Banner" and then sang along whole-heartedly with "O Canada". Though I never quite feel genuine at the part where they say "our home and native land" - because it's not really, but it's beginning to feel a lot like it.

I'm sure those around me were quite confused.

A nearly-Christmas birthday. Today it dawned on me that the date of my birth so close to the day we celebrate the birth of the-one-Person-who-changed-the-face-of-history may very well be the reason for one of my core fears, insignificance. (To learn more about core fears, go here. It could well transform your relationships)

Everyone overlooks a near-Christmas birthday. Same goes for soon-after-Christmas or nearly-New Year birthdays. So, to my dear companions in the neglected birthday club, may all your birthdays be joyous and may your aging be as insignificant.

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