Thursday, December 22, 2005

Of insignificance and inclusion

We attended two come-and-go Christmas open houses tonight. First of all, I am delighted that we were invited. Second, I am delighted that they fell conveniently on the same night in a time that was compatable with A's hockey practice drop-off and pick-up times.

The first was a young couple, not yet quite established in their circle of friends. A small group trickled in. We were the first to go, having the prior hockey commitment. We gained a new appreciation of their family background and their own preschool children. B was relishing in his habit of "20 Questions" with those he met.

The second open house was an older couple with grown children. Many in attendance, including prominent people within our church. I knew some but more were people I had not met. It was enjoyable to circulate and introduce ourselves, watching people blossom as you asked them about themselves.

Have you been anywere and felt like the outsider? My other come and go event was looking at a blog tonight. While viewing the interactive comments posted, I felt like a stranger intruding on a party to which I had been invited but didn't know any of the attendees except the host. I stood at the "door" peeking in at the euphoria and delight of the party. There really wasn't anything of that calibre I could add, so I logged off and went home to bed.

I mused that perhaps, at times, others stand outside the euphoria of my life and feel insignificant. How many times have I disregarded those on the fringe who felt they had nothing of suitable calibre to add? As B begins to relish the sense of belonging that has taken 5 years to develop, I still remember the feeling of being an outsider - not by anyone's overt acts but rather by their lack of thoughtful inclusion.

May I be one who notices those on the edge of my life and bring them to the inner circle. May I always find time to keep in touch with those who appreciate me. May I always take time to have coffee with those who need to know they are significant.

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